West Linn

Oregon’s most challenging Olympic and Sprint distance triathlons. We welcome you to what will prove to be a must do event for our area’s triathletes. The beauty of the West Linn area, with a course to challenge and test even the best and fittest athletes.

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Transition Area

You will enter the transition from the EAST side on all transitions, you will exit on the WEST side for both the bike and run. There will be volunteers there to direct you to both the bike and run courses. The bike mount is across the street from the transition area, our volunteers will get you there. Keep in mind that you have a hill immediately after leaving the transition area, use appropriate gearing when mounting your bike. There will be port-a-potties on the entrance side of the transition area, there are also 4 bathrooms within the park that will be open for your use.


Distance: 0.5 mi

The swim start is a deep water start long side the dock at Willamette Park. You’ll place yourself between a start buoy and the dock before the start. The swim will be in a clockwise direction. A two lap swim for the Olympic and a single lap for the sprint. You will round all ORANGE buoys on your right side. At the swim exit you will pass a GREEN buoy on your left to turn you into the boat ramp. After exiting the swim you’ll run across the parking lot and Volpp St. to the transition area, this corridor will be coned and have volunteers to guide your way. We will have several people in kayaks and other safety people on the water. If you have trouble raise your hand and we will have some help to you very quickly. Please seed yourself accordingly in the swim start.


Distance: 12.4 mi
Elevation: + 1435 / – 1427 ft

The bike course is for lack of a better term is“EPIC”! I suggest you at least drive the course before Sunday. You will leave the transition to the west and mount your bike at the mount line. You have about 300 meters until you reach Tualatin/Pete’s Mountain Rd. You will turn left and head up Pete’s Mountain road. There are several rollers after you reach the top. The road is narrow, traffic is light, stay as far right as you can, this is not a closed course. There are three blind corners on the course, two 90 degree corners on Pete’s mountain in the first 4 miles, in this section there is also a 180 degree turn between these two 90 degree turns. There is another 90 degree turn onto Mountain Rd. from Hoffman, this intersection will have a flagger and volunteer. The back side has it’s own challenges and is absolutely beautiful. You’ll stay on Mountain Rd. for several miles before turning right onto Turner Rd.. NOTE: The turn onto Turner comes up quickly, we will have a volunteer there to advise you. Turner is a narrow, tree lined street that brings you back to Borland and Willamette Falls Drive. Please stay to the right on Turner Rd. as the course is open to traffic. There is a 90 degree blind corner on Turner approximately 1 mile from the top. We will have a volunteer there before the corner to warn you that it’s coming. Turner is down hill and speed is easy here, BE CAREFUL, Ride smart. Once you reach the bottom of Turner you’ll turn right onto Borland Rd. This intersection will have a flagger to control traffic coming east on Borland. You’ll follow this into the community of Willamette. You will turn right onto 12th St. in the middle of Willamette, this is a 90 degree corner, a volunteer and signage will guide you, watch your speed. After turning onto 12th you’ll be headed back to the transition area. 12th St. is a steep down hill. Near to bottom of the hill are two large speed bumps, be careful as you cross them. If you are doing the olympic distance race you’ll come back to the the corner of 12th and Volpp and go right to start your second lap. As you finish you’ll enter a section of 12th that is one way street just prior to the dismount line. You will be dismounting on the left hand side of 12th St. We will have volunteers at every direction change and signage to guide you through the course. Again it’s highly suggested to pre-ride or drive the course prior to race day. This is a technical, challenging course, and yes you can brag about it afterwards.


Distance: 3.1 mi
Elevation: + 124 / – 124 ft
The run course is a simple out and back with a 5 block loop at the far end. It is through a residential community in Willamette and sports some challenges of its own. You’ll exit the transition area on the West side as you did on the bike. After you exit you’ll turn left onto Volpp St. You continue on Volpp until it ends and turns into 4th St., you continue on 4th until you come to a “T”, here you will turn left onto 5th Ave. Stay on 5th Ave for a couple hundred meters and turn right onto 6th St. and as luck would have it a short climb, after you crest the top you continue to the bottom of the hill and take a left onto Willamette Falls Dr. Stay on the shoulder of Willamette Falls Dr. you will be running against traffic, there is an adequate shoulder here. You will reach 11th St. and turn left staying on the left hand side of the road. There will be a aid station here with Hammer Nutrition Heed electrolyte replacement drink, Hammer Gel, and water, call out what you would like so we can get it to you. After one block you will be back to 5th Ave. Turn left onto 5th Ave. follow this back to 4th St. turn right on 4th St. back to Volpp. As you approach the park get onto the sidewalk and follow it around the big tree, if your finishing take a slight right onto the walking bridge and into the finishing chute. If your doing the Olympic distance event you’ll continue on the sidewalk back to the corner of 12th St. and Volpp, where you’ll do a u-turn and repeat the course one more time.


Thank you

A note from the race director:

Well, almost all the clean up is completed, results are posted, seeing some nice comments about the event and your kindness is evident in your emails and facebook postings. Sunday was exactly how I envisioned the inaugural West Linn Triathlon. I have been in waiting for months to watch a group of athletes tackle the hills and corners of the bike course. We have launched S33T to bring you events just like this.

I want to thank our event sponsors, Johnston Financial Advisors, in particular Grant Johnston and Mark Buser. Thank you both for understanding the vision and your commitment to your community.

Thanks to Sportcare Physical Therapy for coming out and helping the tired and worked athletes, and our friends at McMenamins West Linn for feeding our athletes, volunteers and spectators. Who would have thought you could have a Hammer Head and a McMenamins burger after the event without leaving the site? Thank you to Leonard from Hotfoot Photos for coming out and shooting the race. Check out the photos at http://leonardjohnson.zenfolio.com/; William Wycliff of Eclectic Edge Racing for quick, accurate results and his encouraging words. Also, a head nod to David Embry of Athletepath for coming out, handing out some glow-in-the-dark megaphones, and supporting our event.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers. Without them there wouldn’t be a West Linn Triathlon. I want to thank Shane Kroth, Jake Linford, Susan Wentzien, Susan Crumpton, Andrea Thom, Lynette Sestric, Kim Simmons, AMR and ENERGY Rentals for the water support. We were able to concentrate on the day because of these people.

I want to thank all of you for giving us the opportunity to put on an event for you. We hope you had a great time and will share your experience with your triathlon inclined friends. We look forward to seeing you at our next event Series 33 Vancouver September 15, 2013. We will put on a similar event but it will be distinctly different. The course offers a challenging bike course and if history holds true a warm and fast run.

Again thank you very much for your time on Sunday. It means a lot that you shared it with us.


Ken McLarty

PS. Heres our lost and found items. Josh, I have your number belt and smelly shoes. A bell helmet, describe it to claim it. A Xterra Vortex 3 wetsuit. A sweatshirt and sweat pants.

West Linn Packet Pickup

At Willamette Park 4905 Volpp St. in West Linn

Saturday August 17th, 2013 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

You can register on Saturday at packet pickup, but not on race day morning.

Sunday August 18th from 6:00 am to 7:15 am.

Please make sure you to bring your identification and USAT membership card (for annual members) to packet pickup, no packets can be given with out both items.

Timing Chips will be handed out on race day morning at the tent near the entrance to the transition area from 6:00 am until 7:45 am.

West Linn Race Day Instructions

6:00 am Transition area opens.

7:20 am Water opens for warm up.

7:40 am Pre-Race Briefing- RACE DIRECTOR at Transition Area

7:55 am National Anthem.

8:00 am First Wave Start- Men Olympic Distance – RED CAPS

8:05 am Second Wave Start-Women Olympic Distance – GREY CAPS

8:20 am Swim Briefing to Sprint Waves

8:30 am Third Wave Start- Men Sprint Distance -YELLOW CAPS

8:35 am Fourth Wave Start-Women Sprint Distance – WHITE CAPS

10:30 am After event meal starts

11:15 am Awards Ceremony

A note from the race director

I want to thank all of you for supporting our new event. We are excited to be bringing you this race and couldn’t have done it without the support of our sponsors, particularly Johnstone Financial Advisors. We would also like to acknowledge the community of Willamette and Ken Warner of the West Linn Parks and Recreation Department. A big thank you to Mark Buser who has been a guiding force for the event within the community.

West Linn Live Race Results

We will be posting live results from the finish line thanks to our partners at Eclectic Edge Racing. Be sure to visit the listing August 18th.

Not your average race grub

If you were on the fence at all about signing up for West Linn Triathlon take note that McMenamins will be serving an after event meal free to athletes and a small charge to spectators. Including burgers and garden burgers, drinks and yes McMenamin’s beers… in our very own beer garden!

Volunteers needed for West Linn Race

Series 33 is looking for volunteers to fill in the last spaces needed for this race on the 18th. If you are interested please email Ken at ken@series33triathlon.com

We greatly appreciate and share your enthusiasm for the sport. We appreciate your time and dedication. We invite all of our volunteers to enjoy lunch and beverages at the event provided by McMenamins.