West Linn Triathlon Training Program: Week 2

This Saturday, July 19th, will be the second session of a 5-part triathlon training program I’m hosting with ActiveEdge Wellness Center. For this second session, I’ll be focusing on our West Linn Tri bike course, the open water swim, mobility and stretching.


Think of your body as a machine…if the machine is well cared for, it operates better. So the body reacts the same way, having “tight” muscles doesn’t allow the body the freedom in range of motion, this inhibits performance in most athletes. From the very best to the beginner, lack of mobility and functional strength are two areas that given enough attention can have an enormous impact on performance without adding additional training time. You do maintenance on your cars, bikes, why wouldn’t you do it on your body. Massage, rolling out, stretching, yoga, practiced conscious movements, all can play a big part in being a better athlete; we’ll be spending the first part of Saturday morning, at Active Edge Wellness Center to review the best moves to make you a better athlete.


Following the mobility and stretching review, we’ll take to the road for the West Linn Triathlon bike course preview. With the challenging climbs throughout the bike course, we’ll focus on reviewing techniques for gearing, ascending and descending. From there we’ll grab our wet suits and review the open water swim, focusing on buoy rounding.


Grab your wet suit, pack up your bike and meet us at 7 am, at Active Edge Wellness Center for a great training session and workout. Reminder this is part 2 of our 5 week FREE training session for any fitness level and for any level triathlete. Whether you are just thinking about signing up for your first triathlon, just getting started in multi-sport fitness or have been competing for years, I guarantee you’ll learn something new and get a great workout on Saturday.

Hope to see you then!

– Ken

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West Linn Triathlon Training Program: Week 2