Treatment side effects and psychological causes.

‘The existing findings could possibly be of clinical importance, since in tumor, a short sign of a symptom may hint the underlying cause of that symptom and, thus, indicating the necessity of a more effective symptom administration,’ said Mystakidou. ‘Poor sleep quality must be taken into account when treating cancer patients. Clinicians must enjoy the often multifactorial nature of sleep disruptions in order to achieve an improved and even more efficacious treatment regimen.’.. Advanced cancer patients have less quality sleep Patients with stage 4 cancer are more susceptible to disturbed sleeping patterns because of factors such as pain, treatment side effects and psychological causes, according to a report published in the June 1st issue of the journal SLEEP.He was in charge of breakthroughs in several areas of disease, including pain management, psychiatry, infectious gastroenterology and disease, and has a lot more than 100 patents to his name. We’re proud to recognize and celebrate those exceptional scientists who are producing significant contributions to scientific research and the advancement of critical new medications, and who exemplify Dr. Paul’s interest for medical technology, stated Paul Stoffels, M.D., who caused Janssen while at Janssen Pharmaceutica, N.V.