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In collaboration with other agencies and partners, UNICEF monitoring and evaluation of overall health and nutrition situation in the flood affected areas, particularly the effects of the lack of access to clean water. UNICEF is lost floodplains with school supplies and other necessary school supplies into the disaster. Of particular importance is the fact that schools as temporary accommodations, ducational activities non-affected areas non-affected areas. In order to help schools start their normal schedules, protected protected even displaced, UNICEF provides emergency accommodation as either classroom or shelter people to use during the day.More than 250 people participated today the first Maryland Stem Cell Research Symposium will, that Commission common by Gov. Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Stem Cell Research hosts . This incident was the first what to be an annual event. In his introductory statement, Governors O’Malley announced in that Maryland was chosen to in 2009 World Stem Cell Summit, which in Baltimore the 21st September come to 23 you host. The World Stem Cell Summit brings nearly 1,500 stem cell interest from throughout the country and the world in order to discuss critical issues in the stem cell research and will discuss the future of regenerative medicine..

He also questioned the analysis of current professional guidelines, the the National Academies of Science and the International Society for Stem Cell Research. Jaenisch spoke stem cell, pluripotent and nuclear reprogram but the mechanism on resetting the epigenetic changes, that features of the donor adults nucleus around those of an embryonic cell. Commission officially acknowledged of both Dr. Sugarman and Dr. Jaenisch for their significant scientific contributions to the stem cell.