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Allscripts Exceeds Bookings Guidance for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2010; Affirms High-End of Income and Revenue Assistance for Fiscal Calendar year For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010, Allscripts right now expects bookings to be approximately $117 million. For fiscal 2010, the business expects to become at the high-end of the previously communicated ranges: income of $700-$705 million; net income of $67.0-$68.5 million; and diluted earnings per share of $0.44-$0.45.0-$98.5 million; and non-GAAP diluted income per share of $0.64-$0.65 cents.6 million of annual acquisition-related amortization; $16.5 million in stock-based compensation expense; $4.9 million in deferred revenue adjustments; and around $11.0 million of transaction-related expense; all on a pre-tax basis.Thompson, MS, RN, CENP, FAAN, AONE ceo. This Consortium will bring together a multidisciplinary team to learn together, but more importantly, to change our systems. We are pleased to announce the funding of the Consortium and the start of the fellowship system. Teri Pipe, Dean of ASU’s College of Nursing and Wellness Invention, added, The Transdisciplinary Consortium’s Fellowship in Creativity Leadership in Health Care is perfectly aligned with medical Solutions initiative at ASU to provide solutions for main recognized state and nationwide complications. We are grateful to AONE for its sponsorship and honored to end up being their partner.