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There is no association between ALDH2 genotype and hypertension among the ladies in these studies because they drank very little. The suggestion is backed by These results that alcohol includes a marked effect on blood circulation pressure, at least for Japanese guys. Additional large-scale studies are needed to confirm the acquiring in more people, and to enhance the estimates of the effect that alcohol intake has on blood pressure. Citation: Chen L, Davey Smith G, Harbord R, Lewis SJ Alcohol and blood pressure: A systematic review applying a mendelian randomization approach. PLoS Med 5: e52..Further supporting a causative role of the mutations in stuttering may be the observation that although persons with mucolipidosis types II and III predominantly possess skeletal, cardiac, and ocular disorders, they have deficits in speech frequently, in expressive speech particularly.24-26 These deficits have been considered secondary to the developmental delay that is typical in these disorders, but the sparing of some intellectual functions in mucolipidosis type III25 shows that speech deficits could be primary rather than secondary in this disorder.