The Penn Hand Transplant Program will only bilateral transplants.

Not able not able to brush your hair, ‘added Dr. ‘It is our goal at Penn effectively and closely combine the roles of orthopedics, plastic and transplant surgery in the field of composite tissue allotransplantation so we can successfully treat these patients and give them back their independence ‘.. The Penn Hand Transplant Program will only bilateral transplants. ‘People an arm an arm work, can pretty well every day tasks and beyond. Armed Many amputees do not even bother with prostheses except for cosmetic purposes. Even people who have both arms both arms in a position somewhat themselves – sufficient a trauma lower extremities, ‘Dr. ‘However, someone who has had both arms and legs amputated entirely dependent the most basic functions of life are virtually impossible to satisfy.

Of of amputation in the United States, a trauma also be the result of sepsis – a serious infection in the blood stream – as is the case with the first candidate Penn. While patients who undergo transplantation a lifetime of immunosuppressive drugs, which face increased risk of diabetes, infections and hypertension, it’s a quality of life trade-off that some are willing to accept.

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