The Associated Press reports.

An ABC Tv Network news release states: ABC News will invest a lot more than $4.5 million in the series, covering personnel and production. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is giving a $1.5 million grant that will help fund overseas travel and foreign production costs specifically. Much like all reporting and sponsorships, ABC News has full editorial control over this content of the series . An hourlong prime-time particular this December to kick it off, december to summarize the insurance and another hour in prime time next, the New York Times’ Mass media Decoder blog reviews.The U.S. Meals and Drug Administration has only authorized a few stem cell treatments. The approved procedures utilize cells from bone marrow to take care of diseases of the blood or immune system, the report explained. However, the majority of the clinics described in the new survey use fat cells taken from sufferers during liposuction, Taylor-Weiner said. The cells are prepared, and the stem cells isolated and injected back to the patient. The process is called stromal vascular fraction . Adult stem cells have the potential to become almost any type of cell, including heart cells and bone cells, researchers say. The hope of stem cell therapy is usually these cells will proceed where they are required and repair and replace damaged cells. But Taylor-Weiner said the SVF cells may travel to areas of the body where they’re unnecessary and perhaps damage healthy organs.