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The true goal is to create it safe and effective so someone makes it into a commercial item. Howard is creating another prototype that aims to be more flexible. It will include wireless sensors which can be placed anywhere a child is capable of hitting them, such as for example with a foot or the relative side of the head. User trials for the second prototype will start soon. Howard says she hopes to have the device through clinical trials starting next year. So far Access4Children has received positive feedback from both developing kids and children with disabilities typically, and also caregivers. The device was also a finalist in a recently available Intel-sponsored competition and was showcased to the British Consulate before the Paralympic games come early july, receiving good reviews.7. Pecans: A recently available 2010 study suggested that the supplement E in pecans might provide neurological safety by delaying progression of motor neuron degeneration. 8. Pistachios: Pistachios are suggested to possess anti-inflammatory properties according to a recent study. 9. Walnuts: A walnut-enriched diet may decrease the risk of coronary disease in people that have type 2 diabetes. Fruits and Vegetables 10. Black raspberries: A 2010 study found black raspberries were highly effective in preventing intestinal tumor advancement in mice. 11. Blueberries: Whole blueberry smoothies consumed daily improved insulin sensitivity in obese, nondiabetic, and insulin resistant individuals in a six-week study.