Studying this gene.

Stem cells will be taken from a patient’s heart, genetically engineered to replace the mutated gene with a wholesome gene, and after that injected back in the patient’s heart. But such stem cell therapy is not tested. Nor will there be a commercial test for the gene, Sadayappan stated. But Sadayappan and other scientists are actively exploring how cMyBP-C functions. And improved knowledge of this crucial protein, Sadayappan said, could lead to new medications to take care of heart failure. Next calendar year is the 40th anniversary of the discovery of cMyBP-C, and researchers still have very much to learn about the function of this protein in the heart. Sadayappan’s lab is helping lead the way by investigating the cardiomyopathy disease mechanism that may lead to new therapies to boost muscle function in heart failure patients.Jude Children’s Analysis Hospital investigators. Researchers reported that one year after starting the drug methylphenidate, young cancers survivors obtained better on testing of sustained attention and other methods of attention, cultural behavior and skills than did a similar band of unmedicated survivors. While taking methylphenidate, ratings on the behavior and attention measures of many survivors returned on track ranges. Methylphenidate is marketed under several brands, including Concerta and Ritalin.