Sponsored by the California Manufacturers and Technology Association.

.. AMPAC Fine Chemical substances receives Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability Award AMPAC Fine Chemicals LLC , a subsidiary of American Pacific Company announced today that it received environmentally friendly Responsibility and Sustainability Award at the Annual Statewide Environmental Summit, sponsored by the California Manufacturers and Technology Association , the Industrial Environmental Association and the Chemical substance Sector Council of California held in San Diego. This is the most prestigious award available from all three companies and gains substantial reputation from the Condition of California Section of TOXINS Control and other state and local regulatory agencies for environmental and corporate responsibility.Experts fear that while teenagers are constantly warned about the risks of holiday binge drinking and unsafe sex not enough is being carried out to alert them to the risks of irresponsible behaviour in sunlight. The survey offers prompted Cancer Analysis UK and the Section of Health to focus on teenagers and mothers of small children in the second yr of their jointly funded SunSmart campaign released today. It aims to focus on mothers with information on how to protect babies and toddlers from the sun also to encourage older teenagers, those going abroad only for the very first time especially, to reduce their skin cancer risk with proper security from harmful rays. When you consider that sunburn in childhood increases the risk of skin cancer in later life, the need for this SunSmart campaign really hits home.