Sounds like fiction.

19 Most Shocking X-Rays What’s the most embarrassing thing you could imagine doing with a may of condensed milk? Think about having to question a health care provider to remove it from your own rectum – because you trapped it there in a misguided stab at self-stimulation? Sounds like fiction, nonetheless it happened in real life. CBS News gets the X-ray to verify it. And it’s really not the only shocking X-ray out there . From screwdrivers in the skull to kids impaled on car antennas or with pins caught within their throats, doctors come across some pretty amazing pictures. This batch offers been generously provided by Dr. Tim B. Hunter, professor of radiology at the University of Arizona, who interesting x-rays. Click here to observe 19 X-ray shockers..

Parents worried about HPV vaccine protection rose from 5 % in 2008 to 16 % this year 2010, while significantly less than 1 % worried about the safety of the MCV4 and Tdap vaccines, the study found. Through the same years, more and more studies showed how effective and safe the HPV vaccine is usually in this age group, says Dr. Jacobson, who has taken component in the security review committees for just two such research. The vaccine prevents cervical cancer and other genital cancers by avoiding the HPV infections that result in those cancers, he says. Experts analyzed vaccination data for teens ages 13 to 17 in the 2008-10 National Immunization Survey of Teens.