Researchers have long believed that the form of the parasite.

Researchers have long believed that the form of the parasite, the red blood cells infected merozoite merozoite, was released from a ruptured liver cell and back into the bloodstream. But studies in the laboratory have shown that the liver’s resident macrophage immune cells engulf like freely moving merozoites. – ‘It was a paradox,’said M Bernard? ‘We could not understand how the rate of infection could be so successful. ‘.

How the parasites direct the dead liver cells form merosome structure and how the bag eventually bursts open in the blood are questions that must be answered.But the power using imaging in real time parasite movements inside live, infected animal hosts is clear. ‘It is now possible to follow in real time and quantitatively the parasite in its host, and this is something we can only dream of a few years ago were,’said Menard.‘Representatives of people with hepatitis C through the blood system of infect until 1986 and who after 1990 requested us to rethink the government’s position on the compensation.. Ministers for Health Ujjal Dosanjh today announced that that Government of Canada for intention to the discussion on the Tools to the financial compensation for people who have the first to hepatitis C by the bloodstream before the January 1986 were infecting and type after 1 July 1990.

We have therefore chosen that responsibility responsibility to reconsider the decision and begin talks on opportunities on financial compensation for those of the blood supply prior to 1986 and after 1990 were infected .