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Acupuncture relieves symptoms of xerostomia Twice weekly acupuncture remedies relieve debilitating symptoms of xerostomia – severe dry mouth – among individuals treated with radiation for head and neck cancer, researchers from The University of Texas M. D visit website . Anderson Cancer Center survey in the current online issue of Head & Throat. Xerostomia develops after the salivary glands have already been subjected to repeated doses of therapeutic radiation. Individuals who have cancers of the top and neck typically receive large cumulative doses, rendering the salivary glands incapable of producing adequate saliva, said Mark S. Chambers, M.S., D.M.D., a professor in the Department of Dental Oncology. Saliva substitutes, lozenges and nicotine gum bring only temporary respite, and the commonly prescribed medication, pilocarpine, provides short-resided benefits and bothersome side effects of its.

Swelling of hip and legs, feet or ankles. 6. Shortness in breath 7. Confusion 8. Chest pain or pressure Causes: – 1. Decrease in blood circulation to the kidneys: – Blood circulation to kidneys gets impaired due to following conditions: – 1. Heart diseases of failure 2. Liver failure 3. Blood pressure medications 4. Use of NSAIDs or Aspirin 5. Infections or allergies like anaphylaxis 6. Severe dehydration 7. Blood or fluid loss 8. Severe burns 2. Kidney harm: – Kidney damage can be cause by pursuing factors: – 1. Clogged veins or arteries around the kidneys 2. Blood clots or cholesterol deposits in arteries 3. Glomerulonephritis – inflammation of filters in kidneys 4. Hemolytic uremic syndrome – destruction of RBCs.