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.. African American women are 55 percent less inclined to receive breast reconstruction following mastectomy Dartmouth researchers have discovered that African American women are 55 % less inclined to receive breast reconstruction after mastectomy no matter where they received their care. They report on their findings in The influence of competition/ethnicity and place of service on breasts reconstruction for Medicare beneficiaries with mastectomy, recently published in SpringerPlus. We wanted to understand whether the racial disparity seen in breasts reconstruction among ladies with breast cancers was related to where ladies received care, independent of race, stated Tracy Onega, PhD, Associate Professor of Community & Family Medicine, Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and The Dartmouth Institute for Wellness Clinical and Policy Practice, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth.The most prominent getting was impairment of memory space and executive function when the sufferers were within their 50s. Two of the markedly affected patients showed phonologic language impairment. Magnetic resonance imaging of the mind showed generalized volume reduction in the supratentorial compartment in a single individual with advanced disease but was normal in the other patients. Examination of the cerebrospinal liquid demonstrated an elevation of total tau and S100b protein , and elevated levels of 14-3-3 protein in a single patient. Cardiac assessments were carried out because cardiomyopathy occurs in transgenic mice expressing anchorless prion proteins.9 However, there have been no indications of cardiac involvement in the patients’ medical history or on examination; electrocardiography in six individuals and echocardiography in three sufferers showed no abnormalities.