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As physician specialists providing care in highly complicated environments such as the operating space and intensive care device, we believe that it is essential that patients clearly understand the training and qualifications of these at their bedside. We welcome the intro of the Health care Truth and Transparency Work of 2010 and commend Representatives Sullivan and Scott for his or her leadership on this important and timely patient issue.’ A nationwide study conducted in 2008 verified that there surely is increasing patient misunderstandings regarding the countless types of health care providers – including physicians, technicians, nurses, doctor assistants and other allied providers.However now Congressional leaders are back again on track with an idea to vote on a healthcare reform bundle that avoids the need for a Senate supermajority by using budget reconciliation procedures. On the other hand, MoveOn is sending an email to its members today requesting them to pledge to support a progressive principal challenger to House Democrats that vote against reform, Politico blog’s Live Pulse reports. Politico includes a copy of the message .