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Unfortunately, many of these learning college students assume everyone sees the way they see. Many kids, and adults, as well, can permanently appropriate their vision issues and eliminate the resulting problems in a matter of several weeks through vision therapy, which is definitely physical therapy for the eyes basically, said Dr. Cook. While these vision complications are relatively easy to correct, they often go undetected. But parents and teachers can watch students for these and additional signs: frequent headaches, re-reading material, rubbing of the eye or tilting of the head, decreased comprehension and efficiency the longer the training student works, and spending hours performing a few minutes' worth of homework..You can perform meditation and have a lot of sleep. 2. Pay attention to certain activities: You do not need to avoid fun actions, but there are particular activities to avoid. These activities may adversely affect the ongoing health of your child and you should avoid these things. Stay away from alcohol and smoking and passive smoking cigarettes even. Do not have too much caffeine, no uncooked meat or fish, no unpasteurized milk, etc. 3. Medicines: In case you are on specific medications then speak to your medical adviser about those medicines and if you are not well, do not have any medicine. Always consult your doctor before doing so.