Patent number 7 7.

AVANIR Pharmaceuticals receives patent for low-dose quinidine formulations of Zenvia to take care of PBA AVANIR Pharmaceuticals, Inc. U.S. Patent number 7 7,659,282 titled Pharmaceutical Compositions Comprising Dextromethorphan and Quinidine for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders was issued on February 9, 2010. The brand new patent shall provide AVANIR with patent protection for low-dose quinidine formulations of Zenvia used to take care of pseudobulbar affect .S. Patent was a substantial milestone for the Company and enhances the intellectual real estate profile of Zenvia significantly which includes patent and patents applications that claim methods of treating PBA, chronic discomfort, along with other neurologic circumstances.S.The computerized medical records system for medical care region was sought out any patient visit to any health care facility during the 2-season follow-up period, and any adverse events were identified. Medical procedures and Anesthesia records had been retrieved for all surgical procedures, including the initial research treatment. At the 2-year study visit, the subjects filled out questionnaires to record any adverse events, ailments, and medication use since the start of study. Physical therapists mixed up in research reported any adverse event that interfered with rehabilitation . Statistical Analysis All subjects who have been designated to treatment, excluding the 20 who have been deemed ineligible after randomization, were contained in the efficacy analyses.