Ovarian Tissue Transplant Can Help Some Women Have Kids After Cancer Treatment: TUESDAY.

Effective chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer can impair a woman’s fertility. This new study demonstrates ovarian tissue transplants are safe and effective and pose little risk of the cancer coming back, the Danish experts said. This process is gaining ground worldwide mainly because an optional fertility treatment for fertile feminine cancer patients who after cancers treatment most likely will be infertile, said lead researcher Dr. Annette Jensen, from the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. With this procedure, many women who survive cancer will be able to become pregnant and have healthy children, Jensen said.Heidi Imker operating at Harvard University is focused on a course of natural chemicals called syrbactins, originally isolated from a bacterial plant pathogen. Syrbactins have been shown to possess antitumor activity and to inhibit a cellular program involved in cancer. Dr. Imker has developed a way for biosynthesis of syrbactins and some related compounds for assessment in the laboratory and in pets as a prelude to human being trials. Dr. Robert Huigens functioning at the University of Illinois can be attempting to make the natural product, Englerin A, which was isolated in small quantities from a plant in Africa.