Mount Hood

We are vary excited to bring this event back in 2014. Please stay tuned for details. If you like you may read the posts and updates from last years event at the bottom of the page or view the PDF for maps and specifics from the event.



Mt. Hood Sprint Triathlon
May, 2014
Mt Hood Community College


Mt Hood Community College


Live Steaming of the Mt Hood Triathlon

Streaming live video by Ustream

Get ready for live streaming of the Mount Hood Sprint Triathlon on the Oregon Endurance network. We’ll be keeping a close eye on those in the lead and all the racers as they compete for the win.

The Oregon Endurance network, endurance events and triathlons are presented by Series 33, Tenacious Events and Blaze Streaming Media.

Live Mt Hood Triathlon Results

All your race results will be posted live as they come in from the event thanks to Rogue Multi-Sport.

A Chance to Mend

The Mt. Hood Chiropractic Clinic will be providing free mini massages and stretching, structural evaluations, and water bottles to anyone at the event (not just the athletes).

Race Day Instructions

Monday May 27th, 2013

5:45 am Packet Pickup Begins
6:00 am Transition area opens. Body Marking Starts
6:00 am – 7:00 am Race Day Registration
6:50 am Pools open for warm up, inside and outside.
7:00 am Packet Pickup closes.
7:10 am Transition Area is secured. All athletes to the pool area.

7:15 am Pre-Race Briefing by Race Director.
7:25 am National Anthem.
7:30 am First Wave starts.
7:50 am Second Wave starts.
8:30 am First finishers start to come in.
10:00 am Last finisher completes race.
10:30 am Awards Ceremony

All USAT Rules apply to this event.

Transition Instructions

Rack your bike by placing the rear wheel in your assigned slot. Please remove any additional bags to the outer barrier of the transition area. This is to keep the area clean of any tripping hazards. We will have security people monitoring the transition area at all times. NO ONE is allowed in the transition area other than participating athletes. If you are riding a mountain bike we will adjust the rack to fit your rear tire. During the event you will enter and exit the transition area from the same points each time. You will enter on the west side and exit on the east side.

Swim Instructions

  1. The swim is in a counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Swimmers will self seed in their lanes, meaning that they are to work out the order in which they start. Swimmers will go off in 10 second intervals. Each group will be started by a whistle blow.
  3. Passing etiquette for our swim is: If your FEET are TAPPED TWICE, you are to let the person pass at the next wall. If that person cannot maintain pace, then you can pass by doing the same thing.
  4. Turns are to be made on the left side of the lane. Flip turns are allowed.
  5. If you need to rest, please rest at the wall on the right side of the lane. Keep as far to the right as possible so as not to impede other swimmers.
  6. If you have an emergency, you can signal the lifeguard by holding onto a lane line and raising your hand. We will have someone to you as quickly as possible. DON”T PANIC.
  7. After you are shown the kick board, you have 25 yards left to swim. Make your turn and exit on the opposite side of the pool. If you need assistance getting out of the pool, someone will assist you.
  8. Exit to the left and follow the bannered corridor to the transition area.
  9. If you cannot continue after the swim, let the swim coordinator know and return your timing chip at the registration tent.

Bike Instructions

This is an open road bike course. There should be little traffic at this time of the day but please pay attention to what’s ahead of you. We will have volunteers at every change of direction and several other locations for your safety and guidance along the bike course. Signage will be placed before each directional change. There will also be road chalked lines and directional arrows to help you further identify the course. Below are the directions for the course. We highly recommend you drive it before you ride it. Helmets must be worn and buckled at all times while riding your bike. No music devices are allowed on the bike portion of our event.

Bike Course Directions

After the swim, you will exit the bike transition on the east side of the transition area. Proceed to the MOUNT LINE before getting on your bike. There is a slight up hill leaving the transition area. Remember to put your bike in the proper gear before you rack it. You will turn right and proceed up the parking lot access road on the right side. This will be marked with cones. Once you reach the top of the parking lot you will make a left turn on to Cochran/17th St. There will be volunteers there to help you make this turn without delay.

You will follow Cochran across Troutdale Rd. This intersection will be controlled by the Troutdale Police Department. They will assist you in crossing. You are now on Sweetbriar. Stay on Sweetbriar and follow signage and road markings. At Stark St., you will veer right and continue onto Kerslake Rd. There will be a volunteer to guide you here.

Follow Kerslake Rd up the hill where it will take a 90 degree turn to the right. The road changes to 302nd. After several rollers you will approach Division St. This intersection will by monitored by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department. They will assist you in making a left turn onto Division St. Continue on Division St. and follow it on a slight right turn where it becomes Oxbow Park Dr. Stay on Oxbow Park Dr. for 2.2 miles. This is a long easy climb with a short steeper climb at the end.

At the top of this climb you will take a right turn onto Hosner Rd.. You will stay on Hosner Rd. for 1/2 mile and then turn right onto Lusted Rd. A volunteer will be here.

You will stay on Lusted Rd. for 3.3 miles. You will pass though a 4 way stop at 302nd. Volunteers will be there to help you through the intersection. At 282nd you will turn right at a 3 way stop. Please stay to the right of the cones through this turn. Watch your speed.

After you turn on to 282nd, you will continue straight through a 3 way stop. Stay on the shoulder of the road and proceed down the hill. Be careful! Here you will pick up speed quickly. At the bottom of the hill you will cross Division St.. This intersection will also be controlled by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department. After crossing Division St. there is a MANDATORY FOOT DOWN STOP. Failure to do this will be cause for immediate disqualification. Proceed left on to Troutdale Rd. and follow this to Cochran/ Sweetbriar. This is the turn back to the transition area and will be controlled by the Troutdale Police Department. Follow their direction to turn left onto Cochran.

Follow Cochran down the hill and up an even larger one. Continue to the parking entrance that you came out of. Stay to the center of the parking lot access road back to the transition area. There maybe runners finishing their run on the right side in a coned off area. Take the second right into the swimming pool parking lot. Follow this around to the left and the DISMOUNT LINE. Enter the transition area.

Run Instructions

Your number must be worn on the front of your body during the run. We will have signage and volunteers at each change of direction. Each mile will be marked with signage as well. There will be an aid station at the 1.5 mile mark with Hammer Nutrition Heed Electrolyte replacement drink. The course is on sidewalks and is closed to traffic on roads inside the college property. While on the sidewalks, stay to the right to allow faster runners to pass. Running in the bike lane is acceptable however, you will need to yield to any bikes using it.

Run Course Directions

Exit the transition area on the east side. Turn right and follow the directions to the sidewalk. At the top of the parking lot, turn right onto Cochran/17th St. go straight to the corner of 257th & 17th St. Turn right. You will stay on 257th st. until you reach Stark St.. Turn right and follow this down the hill. You will turn back into the college property halfway down the hill. This will be a right turn through a gated entrance. Stay to the right after you make this turn and stay on this road. You will follow this road as it makes a loop around a parking area. The aid station will be on the back side of this loop. You will return to this gate and retrace your path back to the transition area. When you make the turn toward the transition area at the top of the parking lot, get to the right side of the street. Follow this past the transition area to a sidewalk on the north side of the aquatics center. This is the beginning of our finish chute. Follow it straight to the finish line.

Congratulations! We hope you have a great time!

A little Insight for the Mount Hood Race

A great big thank you to all who came out and rode with us today. It was good to see everyone and I hope you enjoyed the ride. Now you know what to train for on May 27th, bring your climbing legs and your fearlessness for the descents. Stay tuned we’ll do this again soon.

Also anyone who’d like go to and down load your HR monitor to the course. We can compare data, who’s had the highest HR max? Who produced the most power? We will be laying out more about that in the coming weeks. We now have a way to compare your data to the athletes you races with…check out the locally built and operated website Ride with GPS. Series 33, Athletepath, and Ride with GPS have a new toy for you….

Pre-view and Ride the Mt Hood Sprint Triathlon bike course

Series 33 Triathlon’s first event is 12 weeks away. Come out and ride the course with us on Saturday March 9, 2013. The course is 13.3 miles long, several of us will be riding it more than once or if you’d like the Columbia River Gorge is right there if you’d like to put in a few extra miles. We will be meeting at the Mt Hood Aquatic Centers parking lot (the transition area) at 8:30 and heading out at 9:00 am. All abilities are welcomed and encouraged to come. Come and ride whats sure to become an early season favorite.

Mount Hood Community College

Mt. Hood Community College (MHCC) is a public community college in Gresham, Oregon, United States, named after Mount Hood. Opened in 1966, MHCC enrolls nearly 26,000 students each year and offers classes at the 212- acre (86 ha) main campus in Gresham, the MHCC Maywood Park Center, and evening education centers at area public schools. The college is within relatively short distance from other nearby communities, such as Sandy and Clackamas, and is roughly fifteen miles away from downtown Portland.

The college’s programs include nursing, funeral science, integrated media, automotive technology and transfer opportunities to local universities toward B.A. degrees in humanities and science programs. The college is financed by local property tax funds, state reimbursement funds and student tuition. Local voters established the college tax base in 1968 and approved tax base increases in 1970 and 1980

How Gresham Was Established

Gresham could not establish itself as a city unless given a post office and postal code. A local store owner offered to use his store as a post office and offered to name the city after Postmaster General Walter Q. Gresham if a post office was granted. Until that time, the city had simply been known as Campground because this forested site was where pioneers often stopped to spend the night and compose themselves before moving on to Portland and the Willamette Valley.[6] Although a post office was established in May 1884, Gresham was not incorporated as a city until 1905. Lewis Shattuck, son of a pioneer family, was the first mayor.