Most athletes dont wish to be removed from play therefore they downplay these symptoms.

Pathology brain banks of athletes help experts explore the chronic changes from concussion. Where We FLUNK: There needs to be more individual education. Too many individuals are unaware that they’ve experienced a concussion. They downplay their symptoms Frequently, and are informed by trainers and doctors that they are good, with small instruction on how to re-integrate into school, work, driving, etc. This lack of appropriate up-front treatment is known to exacerbate the symptoms and prolong the recovery. It is important to educate the patients and their families, and also the coaches, trainers, and medical practitioners including major care and emergency medicine specialists. We are in need of more advanced data collection systems to understand the true prevalence of concussion.In the study, the experts assessed 52 women with episodic migraine and 36 women who didn’t have the debilitating headaches. Blood samples from the women were checked for fat called ceramides, which help regulate brain and energy inflammation. Women with episodic migraines had decrease degrees of ceramides than those who did not have headaches. Every regular deviation increase in ceramide levels was associated with about a 92 % lower threat of migraine. Conversely, the researchers discovered that two other styles of fats were connected with a 2.5 times greater risk of migraine with every standard deviation increase in their levels. The experts also tested the blood of a random sample of 14 of the participants and, predicated on these blood fat levels, correctly identified which women had migraines and which women did not.