More Evidence That Southern Cooking Boosts Center Risk: MONDAY.

More Evidence That Southern Cooking Boosts Center Risk: – MONDAY, Aug. 10, 2015 – – Fried poultry, lovely tea and greens cooked in bacon excess fat – – delicious hallmarks of a Southern diet plan – – may increase your risk for a heart attack, a new study suggests. Lead researcher James Shikany, a professor of nutritional epidemiology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, said that regularly eating Southern-style dishes was linked to a 56 % increased risk for coronary attack during the almost six years of the analysis More information here .

Almost 29 % of the ladies were not diagnosed with any pelvic condition. As expected, those with endometriosis were probably to report pain . However, high degrees of ongoing pain or recurrent pain through the menstrual cycle were reported by one-third of women without the diagnosed pelvic conditions, according to the scholarly research published online Aug. 12 in the journal Human Reproduction. The study authors called for further research on the sources of pain in women not diagnosed with any pelvic condition.. Women’s Pelvic Pain Often Unreported: – WEDNESDAY, Aug. 12, 2015 – – Untreated pelvic discomfort is common amongst U.S. Ladies in their childbearing years, a fresh study reveals.