Konety et al.

Of special interest when the study Serdaxin to commonly prescribed psychotropic drugs is compared to that Serdaxin was found to have an extremely favorable profile. For example, Serdaxin was able to provide the desired anti-anxiety and anti-depression effects without impaired motor activity and loss in learning and memory. Moreover, Serdaxin was able to achieve its desired at doses at doses as low as 1/100th of conventional antipsychotic drugs.


About SerdaxinSerdaxinTM a potential market leading CNS neuroprotective agents and antidepressants Among lead indications we are investigating Serdaxin for depression in Phase II clinical trials. Serdaxin can a larger and broader therapeutic coverage and appears to have serious side effects such as nausea, vomiting, insomnia, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, cognitive deficit or motor impairment with existing with existing antidepressants, Serdaxin has proven successful and excellent human safety. In preclinical studies, Serdaxin had onset of action in less than two days, whereas currently marketed drugs take several weeks. Based on a novel mechanism that is both depression and neuroprotection Serdaxin a potential treatment for multiple CNS disorders such as Parkinson ‘s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, where patients suffer from neurodegeneration, and depression as a comorbidity.Konety et al. By logistic regression in patients had been subjected radical cystectomy bladder cancer, reports that younger subjects and those subject radical cystectomy have been at big, municipal, academic medical less likely secondary complications after surgery, A as younger patients, women and patients receiving cystectomy in high-volume hospitals were less likely who the primary complications right related about to their operation.[4].

[4] Konety BP, Allareddy V., complications from cystectomy: analyze the be.

Patients who and mortality after radical cystectomy bladder cancer Transitional cell cancerUroToday.com – the the rate of complications and patients gender is controversial, and the data from the literature are rather clear by some published research showing otherwise are no clear significant difference in[ 1 the lack of evidence can result a shortage of statistics force in the comparison between the groups the patient as an actual gender patients of different sexes[3].. [2] BK Hollenbeck, DC Miller, identification of risk factors on potentially preventable complications cystectomy. Row005:174 :1231-1237, discussion 1,237th.