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Experts say that a majority of couples face issues with sexual behavior. Especially, in a country like India where sex is a taboo still, the %age of unhappy lovers is quite high. A variety of other problems make the life miserable for newlywed couples. Infrequent sex , abnormal sex behavior, awe for a sexual relationship are to name a few. In big metropolitan areas like Bangalore, hectic lifestyle and busy working arrangements put adverse impact on sexual relationships. Couples should seek a scheduled appointment to get the best sex counseling in Bangalore to arrest the presssing issues. Is the problem so prominent? There have been several research conducted in metro metropolitan areas like Bangalore about the position of love existence in metros, and the full total results are horrifying.For extra safety oversight, an independent Early Development Advisory Committee was in charge of reviewing and adjudicating individual high-grade adverse events as possibly dose-limiting and for guiding the analysis team on decisions regarding dose escalation and cohort expansion. All participating individuals provided written informed consent. The scholarly study was designed by the senior academic authors and the sponsor, Bristol-Myers Squibb. Study medications were provided by the sponsor. Data had been gathered by the sponsor and analyzed and interpreted in collaboration with the educational authors.