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Upon completion of this program, devices receive an ASGE Certificate of Recognition for marketing quality in endoscopy which is definitely valid for three years, providing the machine remains accredited and complies with all program criteria. This symbol can be displayed to allow patients and referring physicians understand that the endoscopy unit is focused on delivering high-quality endoscopic treatment and has received specific training around these concepts. New ASGE Endoscopy Device Recognition Plan Honorees Dallas Endoscopy Middle LTD, Dallas, TX Diagnostic Endoscopy, LLC, Stamford, CT Elliot Endoscopy Center at River’s Advantage, Manchester, NH Hackensack Endoscopy Middle, LLC, Hackensack, NJ Linden Surgical Center, Beverly Hills, CA Rush GI La, Meridian, MS Temple University Medical center Digestive Disease Center, Philadelphia, PA North Shore University Hospital Endoscopy Device, Manhasset, NY Crestwood INFIRMARY Special Techniques, Huntsville, AL Endoscopy Center of Western Colorado INC, Grand Junction, CO Presbyterian/St.By regulating this routine, ACU-4429 has demonstrated the ability to decrease the levels of toxic by-products in the eye and thereby potentially stop the advance of dry AMD. Dry out AMD is a respected cause of vision reduction in people over the age of 50, yet there are no therapies approved to take care of this condition currently. AMD occurs in ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ forms, which are approximated to affect more than 29 million people worldwide jointly, according to a 2007 Visiongain report. This quantity is likely to double in the next 20 years because of the aging population. About 90 % of AMD patients – or 26 million people – have problems with dry AMD, a degenerative disease that affects the right part of the retina responsible for good visual acuity and color vision.

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