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This isn’t some Big Pharma drug trial where in fact the negative results can simply be eliminated from the study samples after the fact to make the drug look good. Ebola can not be retroactively rigged with dishonest science to trick the public. Once the infections happen, all the politics and medical doublespeak in the world can’t reverse those infections. Ebola, actually, may be the first thing in a long time that forces western medication to face truth, absent the quackery, today corruption and research fraud that characterizes the sector. If you’re skeptical of this description, check out the launch of a robust new documentary known as Bought. It’s available at and it’s really a must-see film to greatly help explain the way modern medicine really works.Patient Evaluation and Follow-up At baseline, all of the patients underwent a physical evaluation that included a neurologic evaluation, complete blood counts, blood chemical analyses , and tumor imaging with either MRI or CT, in addition to a serum pregnancy check in women of child-bearing age. Patients were invited to participate in a longitudinal evaluation of the web scientific benefits of the treatment with the use of the M.D.15-18 Sufferers were administered the NCB substudy measures in the proper time of imaging studies.