Igniting a debate which has the potential to derail a health care overhaul.

This solid and sustained development demonstrates clinicians’ increasing acknowledgement of the System’s exclusive benefits in treating tumors that move throughout treatment with respiration or other bodily functions. ‘We are excited about the continuing momentum and overall growth in CyberKnife adoption and use over the past few years. With a 25 % increase in patient treatments during our fiscal 2010 along with a growing base of techniques, CyberKnife radiosurgery keeps growing at an exponential price, which clearly highlights the worthiness our technology brings to cancers care,’ said Euan S.The plaintiff was billed in ’09 2009 with violating the state’s chemical-endangerment statute, which says, in part, that someone ‘commits the criminal offense of chemical endangerment’ if they ‘knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally causes or permits a child to be exposed to, to ingest or inhale, or even to have connection with a controlled material, chemical substance, or medication paraphernalia.’ The crime is a felony. ‘Child’ is equivalent to ‘unborn kid’ As reported by CNS News: In Hicks’ case, she was charged with using cocaine while pregnant. Her kid, ‘J.D.,’ tested positive for cocaine ‘at the right period of his birth,’ reads the court document. In 2010 January, Hicks pleaded guilty to the crime but also ‘reserved the proper to appeal the problems’ she and her attorneys had presented previously in trying to get the charges dismissed.