Hospitals with the expertise to provide early stroke management have been certified.

1 in 3 people in america cannot access a stroke center within an full hour Kate Bass BSc A new study published today reports that a large proportion of the United States would be unable to access main a stroke centre within 1 hour by ambulance. Stroke is usually a leading cause of death and disability and rapid treatment is essential to minimise harm to the human brain and reduce the risk of prolonged disability. Hospitals with the expertise to provide early stroke management have been certified, eg, major stroke centres, extensive stroke centres . Agsandrew / Shutterstock. Stroke is a time-critical disease. Each second after a stroke starts, mind cells die, so it is essential that specialized stroke care be quickly accessible critically.People without insurance frequently pay more for health services and drugs, and hospitals must suck up their costs if indeed they cannot get the individuals to pay. , a technology and marketplace leader in the field of molecular pathology and developer of cell and tissue-based RNA analysis equipment, is celebrating a significant milestone. Related StoriesNCI awards $1.4M grant to Advanced Cell Diagnostics to develop diagnostic test for B-cell NHLsFlagship Biosciences customizes assay development and tissue image analysis for advanced cell diagnostics RNAscope platformAdvanced Cell Diagnostics raises $22 million in Series C equity financingRNA in situ hybridization is a very important tool for learning spatial and cell-specific gene expression, while preserving tissue architecture.