Geoffrey Block.

The efficacy end point for the maintenance phase was the between-group difference in the mean serum potassium level through the 12-day time treatment interval, that was analyzed separately for each of the four dosage groups in the initial phase, in comparison with the corresponding placebo group. Additional end points are described in the scholarly research protocol. Study Oversight All of the authors had access to the entire study data, which were kept by the sponsor, ZS Pharma. The 1st draft of this article was compiled by the first author and the last two authors, with editorial assistance paid for by ZS Pharma. The manuscript was examined and approved by all coauthors. All of the authors vouch for the accuracy and completeness of the info and the analyses. Statistical Analysis All statistical analyses were performed on serum measurements from the central laboratory., a respected provider of services that help healthcare providers generate sustainable improvements in their working margins and health care quality while also enhancing patient, staff and physician satisfaction, announced the pricing of the general public offering of 6 today,500,000 shares of its common share at a price to the general public of $23.50 per share. All the shares are on offer by selling stockholders. In addition, the underwriters possess a 30-day substitute for purchase up to yet another 975,000 shares from the selling stockholders.