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Chambers, the study’s senior author, pointed out that saliva substitutes, lozenges and chewing gum bring only temporary relief. While there’s a medication, pilocarpine, prescribed for the problem commonly, Dr. Chambers said it all has only short-lived exposes and benefits individuals to bothersome additional drug side effects. Acupuncture therapy, predicated on the centuries-old Chinese practice of inserting and manipulating very thin needles at specific points on your body to alleviate pain or restore health, is believed by Chinese medicine practitioners to improve the circulation of vital energy through the entire physical body.This in comparison to $144.4 million for the same period in the last year, which included $12.3 million in one-time restructuring charges related to the Athlone, Ireland manufacturing unit. Tax provision was $3.8 million, in comparison to $4.9 million for the same period in the last year. Related StoriesEnvironmental factors may lead to development of some childhood cancersUnited Cannabis files utility and PCT patent applications related to unique specs of cannabinoidsScientists map out the mind circuitry crucial for filtering out distractions Balance Sheet At March 31, 2014, Alkermes had cash and total investments of $701.8 million, in comparison to $450.0 million at Dec.