Series 33 Triathlon

Oregon City June 02, 2013

Series 33 Triathlon is excited to bring a new race venue to our area’s athletes. The Oregon City Triathlon is a Sprint distance event. This includes a 750 meter swim, a 20 Kilometer bike course and a 5 kilometer run. A long time open water swim location for the area’s triathletes and open water swimmers, Clackamette Cove will host our swim venue.

We are partnering with Oregon City businesses to bring their community to the forefront of our event. As with all our events part of your registration fee will be donated to a community run organization dedicated in helping provide food, shelter, and medical care for the less fortunate in the Oregon City area.



Oregon City Sprint Triathlon
June 02, 2013
Oregon City in Clackamette Cove

Transition Area

Transition Area- The Transition Area will on Main St. and will be a pass through transition, in on the east side and out on the west side. This will be the same entry and exit for all portions of the event. There will be two rows of bikes and your position will be determined by your bib number. Your Bib number will be placed at your bike slot. You are required to place your rear wheel in the bike rack, with your front wheel placed out towards the center of the transition area. No back packs are allowed along side your bikes. You may place your packs along the outside boundary of the Transition Area. Our goal here is to keep possible tripping hazards to a minimum, and give each athlete as much room as possible. NO Unauthorized people will be allowed in the transition area. Only registered participants will be allowed in the transition area.


Swim Description- The swim portion of the Oregon City Triathlon will take place in Clackamette Cove. You will receive a swim cap in your race packet, this cap must be worn while doing the swim. There will be two start waves separated by 5 minutes. The first wave will be the men and the second wave will be woman and all relays. The swim course will be a single lap in a counter clockwise direction. You will pass all the buoys on your left side. Once you have completed the swim portion you’ll exit the water and turn right at the top of the hill on to the bike path following a coned and flagged corridor out to the transition area 45 yards away. Stay in the corridor, there will be plenty of room to get everyone out quickly. Water temperature will be in the low 50’s. A full wetsuit and cold water cap are advisable. There will be several paddle boarders, kayaker’s, and certified lifeguards, on the water in the center and outside of the course.

Swim Course


Bike Description- The Oregon City Sprint Triathlon Bike Course is scenic 20 kilometers long out and back. When leaving the transition area you will do a 180 degree turn to the left after exiting this is where the mounting line will be. For experienced riders, a 11-23 rear gear selection should be adequate. For those of you with a little less time in the saddle it might be wise to prepare with a 12-25 or 27. The course starts out with a 2 mile trip through a commercial area with great bike lanes the next 4 miles has little or no shoulder. Please be a good competitor and stay right except to pass. When overtaking another athlete please let them know your there, “on your left”, is good cycling educate, whether racing or training. The course is relatively flat with some small rolling hills. The roads are in fair condition. return to the transition area you will be entering in the same location that you entered from the swim. Be prepared to dismount at the dismount line prior to entering the transition area. Remember all UAST rules apply on the bike course!

Bike Course


Run Description- The Oregon City Sprint Run Course is 3.1 miles (5K) in distance. When leaving the transition area you will turn right 180 degrees and pass between the transition area and the Cove. You will take a left onto the bike path and follow the bike path until .9 miles where you will turn left onto Washington St. . You then continue across the Clackamas River on a pedestrian bridge. You have now entered Gladstone. GO left on the north side of the bridge and follow the side walk and course markings until the turn around. Return to the finish line. Please stay to the right while running except to pass.

Run Course


A little History of Oregon City

Known in recent decades as the site of several large paper mills on the Willamette River, the city played a significant role in the early history of the Oregon Country. It was established by Hudson’s Bay Company’s Dr. John McLoughlin in 1829 near the confluence of the Clackamas River with the Willamette to take advantage of the power of Willamette Falls to run a lumber mill. During the 1840s and 1850s it was the destination for those wanting to file land claims after traveling the Oregon Trail as the last stop on the trail. It was the capital of the Oregon Territory from its establishment in 1848 until 1851, and rivaled Portland for early supremacy in the area. In 1846, the city’s newspaper, the Oregon Spectator, was the first American newspaper to be published west of the Rocky Mountains. The center of the city retains part of its historic character through the preservation of houses and other buildings from the era of the city’s founding.

The town was also the site of the first Roman Catholic Archdiocese in the western United States, founded in 1846. Its territory included all of the western United States, though as population declined in the area due to the California Gold Rush and increased in nearby Portland the archdiocese was renamed as Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon and the headquarters moved there in 1926. Today Oregon City is a titular see of the Catholic Church, and its archbishop lives at the Vatican.

Oregon City was the site of the Beaver Coins Mint, producing the short-lived independent Oregon Territory currency from 1849.