Can dermoscopy assist in diagnosing this lesion?

She was usually healthy and experienced no melanoma risk factors, such as a genealogy or atypical mole design.. A concerned female with a concealed mole A 38-year-old female presents with a dark brown plaque on the low abdominal that she feels has changed during the preceding 12 months. Can dermoscopy assist in diagnosing this lesion? Case presentation A 38-year-old woman presented for assessment of a pigmented lesion about the low abdomen that was usually concealed just beneath the very best of her underpants.4 million angiogram and STEMI heart methods performed in Western Europe and the United States annually. AVERT was not yet part of our plans whenever we undertook our IPO in May 2012. Developing the Avert System and obtaining FDA clearance in that short period of time is testament to the capabilities of our team at Osprey and potentially opens up further thrilling opportunities for the company. We will shortly begin to commercialize AVERT in a controlled manner to demonstrate awareness and adoption patterns among go for key opinion leading physicians.S. Product sales programs. Upon completion of the activities, the ongoing company will begin a controlled U.S. Commercialization expected to commence in Texas in Q4 CY 2013.