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The boy’s relatives have stated they don’t believe she could have completed the attack. Guo said the family does not think the police report is credible, because the aunt, who was employed in a local factory on the entire time of the assault, would not have had period to commit the crime. News reports have suggested family disputes, but Guo stated there was not any. Guo stated Bin Bin and the family members found its way to Shenzhen on Sunday and would stay there as long as needed. The trip to Shenzhen excited the tiny boy, Guo said. ‘He had hardly ever traveled in a plane before.’.. 6-year-previous boy gets implants after eyes gouged out BEIJING A 6-year-old Chinese boy whose eye were gouged out received implants Tuesday in a medical center in southern China possessed by a Hong Kong doctor who have offered the operation after learning about the brutal attack.The significant decrease in appropriate and inappropriate antitachycardia pacing in the high-rate and delayed-therapy groups may have contributed to the observed mortality reduction of 44 to 55 percent seen in this study, and the findings raise questions about the necessity for and safety of empirical antitachycardia pacing. Wathen et al. Evaluated the protection of preliminary antitachycardia pacing versus preliminary shock therapy in a randomized trial regarding more than 300 patients in each treatment group, and they noticed 10 percent mortality with antitachycardia pacing versus 7 percent with shock throughout a 1-yr follow-up,15 a tendency that was not significant but was troubling.