Burn Awareness Week.

States, Hospitals for Children kicks off year-long campaign to Prevent Gasoline Burn Injuries3 to 9 February 2008, Burn Awareness Week, and during this week, Shriners Hospitals for Children will kick-off a year-long campaign focuses on preventing gasoline burn injuries. A special developed developed for the campaign Preventing burn injuries and burn awareness education should be an ongoing effort, not just one week campaign, said Peter Armstrong, Chief Medical Officer, Shriners Hospitals for Children. We declare 2008 the year of Gasoline avoiding burns. .

Since 2002, Shriners Hospitals for Children over 800 children treated for acute burns caused by ignition of a highly flammable fuel such as gasoline. Has has treated 229 children from infancy to age 7 years and 584 patients in the ‘tweens’and teens categories, ages 8-18.. During the 12-week post-menopausal study included the 27 women in the treatment group natural S-equol. The 54 women aged 44 to 64 who had menopause reached an average of five years prior to enrollment.It aren t too many real generation and gender gaps for men and women all around says Stevie Yap , a researcher in the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University in East Lansing. If you look at all the research that maintain gender differences do not t usually.

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