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Sterns, PhD. Closing Plenary Program: Sunday, March 7, 9 a.m. ”Curiosity SHOULD BE Kept Alive’: Eleanor Roosevelt, Her Later Years: 1945-1962′ The popular first lady will recall the problems, losses, and adventures of her later years – dealing with loneliness after Franklin’s loss of life, getting into her own as a U.N. Chair and delegate of the Human Rights Commission, and learning to face the experience of aging with humor and honesty.Research suggests that genetics accounts for a lot: That’s, we are born with certain personality traits, and people who are anxious or pessimistic normally, for example, are less likely to feel like life is good. However, Maddux said, the things we can control do make a big difference in life satisfaction. And the goals we pursue – – whether in relationships, career or lifestyle – – all matter. Your status as sole or paired actually contributes only a little part to the entire picture, Maddux said.