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In fact, recent technological advancements have made it feasible to define the targets and get rid of tumors while sparing healthy precisely, normal tissue and minimizing unwanted effects. Today The radiation treatments given, whether alone or in conjunction with surgery and chemotherapy, are safer, more accurate and far better than treatments which were given 10 or 20 years ago just. More and more patients are winning their battles with cancer and heading on to lead productive and healthy lives.What are the methods to induce abortion? There are mainly two procedures recommended to induce abortion medical method and medical abortion. Medical method involves medical tools and devices but you will undergo small surgery but there exists a certainty about the effect. In the medical abortion you will be able to induce abortion when you are at home and will lessen your regular clinical appointments. It includes no incision and no stitches. Today, maximum amount of women can be willfully choosing to buy abortion pills.