Americans spend more on health but are not healthyDespite more money for health care.

Lead author of the study and doctoral student in the Department of Health Policy and Management, said: ‘It is well known that the United States spends much more health care per capita than other countries, and it is generally assumed that we best health care system in the world have. However, the results of our study, that the United States performs better than other countries in a few areas, while performing worse in others. This raises the question of what Americans receive for all monies to health care.

The United States had the highest breast cancer survival rate, the highest cervical cancer rate and the lowest smoking rates. Survival rates for breast cancer, the United States was by 11 %age points better than the worst country in that had the United Kingdom. For cervical cancer, were the United States 26 %age points better than in the UK, the worst country. The United States, with Canada having the lowest smoking rate for that was 15 % lower than the lowest scoring country, which the United Kingdom was. T.At time their heart attacks, who underwent almost 78 % of patients angioplasty to access the blocked coronary artery. Different patient received clot-busting drug. – Prior studies have a modest benefit for Omega 3 fatty acids supplementation demonstrated for[ cardiac infarction], Fonarow said said. In order to show this modest benefit, the previous GISSI Prevention degree, more than 11,000 patients were enrolled and followed for many years, he said.

Suffer In a little over than a year, 4.1 % patients, 9 once more again having a heart attack 1.7 % had an non-fatal stir, 5 % sustained sudden cardiac death. – ‘Using the reduced number of Thread[ the new study] that were at lower risk from regular events, no incremental benefit was demonstrated – possibly due to degree mainly underpowered for the modest benefit realize,’said Fonarow said.

In the study Senge team randomly assigned more than 3,800 patients who are in that that the treatment with highly purified omega-3 fatty acid supplements and placebo. In addition , patients received an optimized medical care.

At discharge out of the hospital, most the patient, drugs required by having a heart attack a heart attack reduced.