Almost half the worlds population depends on burning wood.

We’re talking about more people die each year to talk about cooking than from malaria. .. Saysease ‘ Epidemic ‘ By energy poverty for nearly half the world population CreatesThe limited access to energy sources such as clean energy poverty make it known, almost half the world’s population depends on burning wood, animal waste, coal or charcoal for cooking. This leads to severe respiratory diseases, which kill approximately two million people worldwide each year try to solve a problem, University of British Columbia researchers. Energy poverty is one of the greatest human welfare is issues of our day, says Hisham Zerriffi, an assistant professor at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC, of his work on the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the presented Advancement of Science in Vancouver.

– ‘There is great potential to dramatically improve people’s lives and reduce a major source of emissions on climate change,’says Brewer, ‘but there is also squander lose a lot of money and goodwill.. It is often women and children who suffer the most from air pollution in enclosed spaces, and those who bear the burden of proof to burn collecting fuel, says Zerriffi. Beyond health and gender equality impact will burning biomass with environmental concerns such as carbon dioxide emissions and climate change.

Zerriffi colleague Michael Brauer, the UBC School of Population and Public Health, as the review is a carbon credit-funded program in India, which together with Zerriffi a co-organizer of the AAAS Symposium. Feb. Measuring improvements in health, the extent to which relevant to human relevant to human health and climate change reduction, and whether the furnaces are sustainable and accepted to the Community.Hip-Hop to health target school children and her parents and includes programming of at physical activity, watching TV, eating in the homeland, serving sizes, obesity attack prevention , and contextual factors of who create barriers to healthy diet and physical activities.

Below young children adiposity have tripled since 1980, and the prevalence is highest for black and Hispanic children.

‘the purpose of research, to 27,000 engaging and effective physical activity and nutrition Programme for general application in the clinical, town and in the school the problem of the the problem of pediatric investigation Bariatric addresses, ‘said Fitzgibbon.. The preschool year is a critical period for the addressing of weight of behavior at at-risk groups, say researchers at the University of Illinois at hotels in Chicago.