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Addrenex Pharmaceuticals and Sciele Pharma, announced a Shionogi & business that Addrenex has a supplemental New Drug Application which United Kingdom Food and Drug Administration on Clonicel for treatment of Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder . The application for be based on the successful completion of Phase III studies show statistically significant where Clonicel was used to create to handle ADHD based for children and adolescents. – The sNDA marketing authorization application for Clonicel is an important milestone on doctors and the millions of patients and their family that being a not stimulatory option for treatment of ADHD, said Moise Khayrallah, Chief Executive Officer Addrenex Pharmaceuticals. For Addrenex, this registration capacity performance in our society brief history, further confirms of our develop drugs model filling to Last medicines to the market for unmet needs. .