We is there for each other through the nice, the bad, the anger, the down times. The site has grown in leaps and bounds since I have became a member of and I salute the founder for caring enough to start this site and rendering it better.’ – – Member – Cathy ‘AddisonsDisease.Net is a wonderful reference for me. I’ve got Addison’s disease for 12 1/2 years, and also have been an dynamic member of AddisonsDisease.Net for the past half and year. I’ve learned more about how to live with Addison’s disease for the reason that year and a half than I did in the 11 years before I became included.Simultaneously they explain that because their study had not been randomized, further analysis is required to confirm these novel outcomes. ‘However, the large numbers of individuals and the intensive statistical changes suggest a solid likelihood of a benefit from ACE-inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers’, says Docent Lars Lund of Karolinska Institutet, who led the study. ‘One may also add these drugs are in comparison not that expensive.’..