Acupuncture Might Help Ease High Blood Pressure: WEDNESDAY.

2, 2015 – – Can acupuncture advantage people with mildly or moderately elevated blood pressure? Perhaps, a small study suggests, but the researchers behind the trial acknowledge that it’s too soon to state for sure. The researchers found that blood pressure levels declined slightly in a little band of patients treated thirty minutes a week with ‘electroacupuncture’ – – where in fact the needles carry low-level electrical stimulation – – at specific points of your body.Our future programs are to keep to invest in the research of herbal products.’ In 2012, garlic was the second best-selling herbal dietary health supplement in the food, drug, and mass-market channel in the United States with sales of almost $35 million for the reason that channel by itself. Kyolic, Levy observed, is responsible for 70 % of top quality garlic sales in the natural foods category in the United States.’ Recently, a clinical trial published in the European Journal of Clinical Medicine and featured in ABC's HerbClip service found that Kyolic significantly reduced blood circulation pressure in participants with hypertension.