According to a new study presented today at the World Congress of Cardiology in Dubai.

While alcohol advertising is banned in every Indian media and scenes that justify or glorify drinking aren’t allowed in Bollywood movies, there is absolutely no dedicated wellness legislation that prohibits the depiction of alcohol in these films and there is a clear want for an instantaneous alcohol control policy .. Alcohol use in Bollywood movies directly influences drinking practices of India’s adolescents New research presented at the Globe Congress of Cardiology arranged by the World Center FederationAlcohol use in Bollywood movies is directly influencing the drinking habits of India’s adolescents, according to a new study presented today at the World Congress of Cardiology in Dubai.Six out of every 10 mothers who stop breast-feeding during the first year record that they stopped earlier than they would have loved, the CDC record said. The primary complaints that new moms cite for quitting breast-feeding include pain, issues with the infant latching on appropriately, and concern that the baby isn’t getting enough milk, said report lead author Cria Perrine, an epidemiologist in the CDC’s Division of Diet, Physical Obesity and Activity. These are things can be overcome with early professional support and management, which is why that early period in a healthcare facility and after the hospital is indeed critical immediately, Perrine said.