AAP urges snoring screening for all children By Andrew Czyzewski.

If the answer can be affirmative or if a kid or adolescent presents with signs or symptoms of OSAS, clinicians should perform a more focused evaluation. This will include requesting about co-occurring symptoms such as labored breathing during sleep, snorting or gasps, or daytime sleepiness. For individuals with these additional symptoms, polysomnography is recommended, or failing that option diagnostic assessments such as nocturnal video recording or nocturnal oximetry. With regards to treatment, adenotonsillectomy is recommended in the beginning if OSAS is available to be due to adenotonsillar hypertrophy.Abbott is the worldwide head in medication eluting stent technology, and U.S. Acceptance of XIENCE PRIME shall further progress our number-one position in the global medication eluting stent market, said Robert B. Hance, senior vice president, vascular, Abbott. XIENCE PRIME and XIENCE V will be the only drug eluting stents that are straight backed by the robust body of medical evidence from the SPIRIT family of trials. Together, both of these stent systems expand the range of treatment choices that we offer doctors for the benefit of their patients with coronary artery disease. FDA approval of XIENCE PRIME was supported by results from the SPIRIT Primary clinical trial, a potential, open-label trial that evaluated XIENCE PRIME in 500 individuals with coronary artery disease. The trial fulfilled its primary endpoint, with low prices of target lesion failure at twelve months.