A good fight with your partner may be good for your health!

When both spouses suppress their anger at the other when unfairly attacked, earlier death was twice as likely than in every other types. ‘When couples gather, among their main jobs is reconciliation about conflict,’ Harburg said. ‘Usually nobody is trained to get this done. If they have good parents, they can imitate, that’s fine, but usually the couple is ignorant about the process of resolving conflict. The key matter is usually, when the conflict happens, how can you resolve it?’ ‘When you do not, if you bury your anger, and you brood onto it and you resent your partner or the attacker, and you do not make an effort to resolve the issue, then you’re in big trouble.’ Of the 192 couples studied, 26 pairs both suppressed their anger and there were 13 deaths in that group.Dumur with relevant and timely content that is critical to analyze in gene expression and cellular function, said Kevin Cannon, PhD, Vice President of Expression Applications at Affymetrix. Furthermore, miRNAs found out using the GeneChip miRNA 2.0 miRNA Assay Kit. This kit, which is available soon, uses reporter amplification and generates quantitative details from samples with no need for miRNA isolation directly, cDNA synthesis, or PCR. Detection probes are pre-validated for specificity and sensitivity and are designed to the same target sequences found in the GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array. Just on the Affymetrix RNA platform will researchers have the ability to go from whole-genome evaluation to single-gene validation in one experiment.

Abbott increases quarterly common dividend to 51 cents per share The board of directors of Abbott today increased the company’s quarterly common dividend from 48 cents per share to 51 cents per share.