9/11 hysteria: Innocent woman taken off plane.

The one man ill was basically feeling, while the other had to make a normal trip to the restroom – – but because this happened that occurs at roughly the same time, paranoid passengers on the plane became notified and concerned airline flight staff. Such spying and reporting of suspicious activity, of course, falls right in line with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s latest announcement instructing Wal-Mart consumers to be on the lookout for terrorists, and to immediately report any suspicious activity to authorities: Another example of 9/11 anniversary hysteria includes the return of a fresh York-bound American Airlines air travel back again to the gate after airline flight staff found paper towels stuffed in a restroom toilet.Very good news for all you curry enthusiasts out there – – as it happens turmeric is more advanced than Prozac in treating major depression. A groundbreaking research in Phytotherapy Research shows that the bioactive component in turmeric, known as curcumin, ‘is both secure and efficient in treating serious claims of depression,’ according to GreenMed Information. As an extra perk, curcumin in fact provides ‘side-benefits’ – – defensive and healing attributes that go much beyond the management of depression. You can learn more here.