7 million at risk of loss of life from AIDS today.

Over the past 8 weeks, delegations of AIDS Health care Foundation doctors and Helps treatment customers from Africa traveled to Washington to speak out firsthand about the importance of lifesaving antiretroviral Helps treatment within an effort to ensure that AIDS care and treatment remain important in PEPFAR, the successful US global AIDS system. The African delegations fulfilled with Senators, Congress People and staffers in more than 40 legislators’ offices in-may to tell their stories of treating people that have HIV/AIDS in Uganda, South Rwanda and Africa or of living well with HIV/AIDS because of their own access to antiretroviral treatment.Capt. Reggie Williams, whose department’s paramedics treated some of the participants. One participant, Sahar Madani, told local TV station KTVU that participants in Robbins’ ‘Unleash the Power Within’ event were told walking on white-sizzling hot coals would be dangerous but implied they might be okay if they simply shifted their mental focus. ‘Get your concentrate and attention from that and appearance into the power within yourself and simply focus on strolling through the fire,’ Madani told the station. Another participant, Julia Wilson, told the TV station, ‘He tells us to say, ‘Cool moss, great moss, cool moss,’ and not appear down and it’s really amazing what your mind can do when you get it in the proper state.’ Maybe the coals weren’t really all that hot, correct? Well, organizers of the function said these were between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit .