000 union members quit AFL-CIO over Obamacare Union membership.

29, ILWU President Robert McEllrath outlined numerous complaints as reasons why he sought to dissolve his union’s affiliation with the larger AFL-CIO. Prominent included in this, however, was opposition to Obamacare. We feel the Federation did an excellent disservice to the labor movement and all employees by heading along to go along, McEllrath wrote. McEllrath said his union backs the single-payer, nationalized healthcare policy – a lot of which is normally embodied by the Inexpensive Care Action – but said the ILWU was upset over the bigger union’s adherence with President Obama’s confiscatory taxes on the so-called Cadillac health strategy.There are around two million situations of elder abuse and self-neglect in the usa each year. Of the 9,318 participants, 1,657 found the attention of social agencies due to reports of self-neglect or abuse. Abuse refers to psychological/emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual misuse, caregiver neglect or monetary exploitation. The study found that elder misuse was associated with a far more than two-fold improved risk of premature death from all causes and an nearly four-fold increased risk of premature loss of life from cardiovascular disease specifically.