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About Stargardt diseaseStargardt disease is the most common inherited form of juvenile macular degeneration. In every 10,000 peoplewith a prevalence of one in every 10,000 people or an estimated 30,000 people in the United States. Patients with Stargardt often start losing vision during their teen years and will in most cases turn blind before. Adolescence As for dry – AMD, there is no treatment or cure.

Georgia: The state Senate voted 35-17 on Thursday, a bill requiring that women receive the abortion an ultrasound or sonography would approve the AP / ledger-Enquirer reports , also would provide women with the option of viewing the image. Measure of women would the obligation in cases of rape or incest to exclude the measure now goes to the state house for consideration (Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kentucky: the state house on Thursday 87-11 elected to a bill , which require that women abortions abortions face-to – face counseling before agreeing to undergo this procedure would reports reports the AP / Lexington Herald-Leader , the women who abortion abortion counseling ‘orally ‘and would require ‘in person. ‘the measure sponsored by state Sen.According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infections , and least 50 % of sexually active men and female can get it at a certain point in their lives. Persistent HPV infections are the main cause of cervical cancer. In the U.S., Medical diagnosing approximately 12,000 new cervical case per year,. At about 4,000 death, according to the CDC.

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